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At CFDRA Publication, you get the best options for publishing related services in India that helps you to self publish your book professionally.  Complete set of publishing services. From designing book covers to publishing, promotion to distribution.


The CFDRA Publications assesses the quality and potential of a manuscript before it is published. This service involves a thorough review of the manuscript by experienced editors who provide feedback on elements such as plot, characterization, dialogue, pacing, and overall structure. The editors may also offer suggestions for improvement and make editorial changes to enhance the manuscript's readability, clarity, and marketability. Manuscript evaluation and editing helps authors refine their work, ensure it meets publishing standards, and increase its chances of success.


Cover design is a crucial aspect of a book's success, as it is often the first thing that draws a reader's attention and entices them to pick up the book. The CFDRA Publications’ unique cover design service can help authors create a visually appealing and professional-looking cover for their book. The design process typically involves collaboration between the author and the design team to ensure that the cover accurately represents the book's content and appeals to its target audience. The CFDRA Publications’ designers use typography, images, and color to create a cover that is eyecatching, memorable, and aligned with the book's genre and style. Whether an author is looking for a minimalist design or a more elaborate one, the publication house's cover design service can provide the necessary expertise and resources to bring their vision to life.


CFDRA Publications’ printing and binding service ensures that your book is produced to the highest standards, with attention to detail at every stage of the process. From digital files, to proofs, to the final printed product, the publication house will use their expertise to ensure that your book looks and feels exactly as you envision it. They use state-of-the-art printing technology, premium materials, and experienced binders to produce books that are both durable and beautiful. Whether you're publishing a novel, a coffee-table book, or a cookbook, their printing and binding service will ensure that your book is a cut above the rest, delivering the quality and craftsmanship that you deserve.


An author platform building service offered by CFDRA Publications aims to help authors establish their brand and reach their target audience effectively. The services may include the following: 1. Website development: Designing and creating an author website that showcases the author's work and biography. 2. Social media management: Setting up and managing the author's social media profiles, including platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. 3. Online Sales: Listing and selling of the published books on online forums such amazon.com and flipkart.com etc. 4. Online marketing campaigns: Running targeted online marketing campaigns to promote the author's work and increase visibility. 5. Branding: Developing a cohesive brand identity for the author that includes logo design, business cards, and other marketing materials. This platform building service can help authors establish a strong online presence, engage with their audience, and ultimately sell more books.


Royalties management and financial reporting are important services offered by a publication house to its authors. These services ensure that authors receive accurate and timely payments for the sales of their books. The publication house tracks the sales of the books, calculates the royalties due to the authors, and provides regular financial statements to them. This helps authors to understand the performance of their book and to make informed decisions regarding their future work. The publication house also handles issues related to payments, disputes, and taxes. With efficient royalties management and financial reporting, authors can focus on their writing while knowing that their financial interests are well taken care of.


Distribution and fulfillment is a crucial service offered by CFDRA Publications to ensure that books reach the right audience. This service involves the physical distribution of the book to various channels, including bookstores, libraries, and online retailers. The publication house may also handle the shipping and handling of orders received directly from customers. The goal of this service is to make the book readily available and accessible to readers, as well as to ensure prompt and efficient delivery. By offering distribution and fulfillment, a publication house can ensure that its authors' books reach the largest possible audience and achieve maximum visibility.


A book launch is a crucial event in an author's journey, and CFDRA Publications can help make it a success. With their book launch planning and execution service, they will assist in the planning and coordination of all aspects of the event. This may include venue selection, guest list management, catering, marketing and promotion, media outreach, and more. The goal is to create an exciting and memorable event that will effectively launch the book and build buzz. With their expertise and experience, a publication house can help make the book launch a true celebration and a key step towards success for the author.


The audio book production service offered by CFDRA Publications is a comprehensive solution for authors looking to bring their books to life in an audio format. From casting the right voice talent to recording, editing, and mastering the final product, the team of professionals ensures high-quality audio production that captivates listeners. Whether it's a fictional story, a self-help guide, or a memoir, the publication house's audio book production service makes it easy for authors to reach audiences in new and innovative ways. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, authors can trust the publication house to bring their books to life in a compelling and engaging audio format.


Library and institutional sales is a service offered by CFDRA Publications to supply books and other materials to libraries, schools, universities, and other institutions. The service provides a way for these organizations to obtain the latest and most relevant materials to support their programs, services, and research. The CFDRA Publications attempts to work with the institutions to understand their needs, provide quotes, and fulfill orders. The service often includes the ability to purchase books in bulk at a discounted price, and to access digital resources, such as ebooks and databases. The ultimate goal is to support the educational and research missions of these institutions by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.


An ebook conversion and distribution service offered by CFDRA Publications is designed to help authors convert their printed works into digital formats, making them accessible to a wider audience. The service includes converting the book's content into a suitable format for reading on various e-reader devices and publishing it on popular ebook platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play Books. The publication house will handle the technical aspects of the conversion process and ensure that the ebook is properly formatted for optimal reading experience. With this service, authors can reach a larger audience, increase their exposure, and expand their income streams by making their books available in a versatile and convenient format.


Typesetting and formatting is a crucial service offered by CFDRA Publications involves transforming a written manuscript into a polished and visually appealing book. This service includes arranging the text, images, and other elements on the page to create a harmonious and professional design. The typesetting and formatting experts use specialized software to ensure consistency in font, spacing, margins, and other elements throughout the book. This service helps the book to look aesthetically pleasing, making it easier for readers to engage with the content and adds value to the final product. Whether it's a novel, non-fiction, children's book, or any other genre, the typesetting and formatting service ensures that the book has a professional appearance that will make a great first impression on potential readers.


Marketing and promotion services offered by CFDRA PUBLICATIONS aim to help authors reach their target audience and promote their book effectively. This may include a comprehensive marketing plan that includes online and offline advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, and events such as book signings and speaking engagements. The CFDRA Publications also attempts to work with media outlets to secure book reviews, interviews, and other forms of coverage. Additionally, the CFDRA Publications shall provide authors with promotional materials such as bookmarks, posters, and press kits to help spread the word about their book. By utilizing a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies, the publication house strives to maximize the visibility and success of each author's book.


Public relations and media outreach is a crucial service offered by CFDRA Publications to promote their authors and their books. The goal of this service is to generate positive media coverage and increase visibility for the books. This is achieved through a variety of strategies including press releases, media interviews, book reviews, and special events. The publication house works with media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and influencers to create and disseminate compelling content about their authors and their books. This service is essential for helping authors reach their target audience and gain recognition in their respective fields. With a strong public relations and media outreach plan, CFDRA Publications can help the authors build their brand, gain exposure, and sell more books.


Translation service offered by CFDRA Publications allows authors to reach a wider global audience by translating their work into different languages. The publication house works with experienced translators who have an in-depth understanding of the target language and culture. They ensure that the translated work accurately conveys the author's message and style, while maintaining the original meaning and intent. The translation service includes editing, proofreading, and formatting to ensure that the translated book meets the highest quality standards. With a well-executed translation, authors can expand their reach and connect with readers in new territories, allowing their stories to be enjoyed by a global community.


A customised set of Book Posters and Author Visiting Cards will be designed for you and this will be shipped directly to your address. These are very useful for book promotion.

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