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NTPC Darlipali – Sundargarh District

Prepared by: Hitabhilash Mohanty, LLM in Human Rights


The board of directors of NTPC Ltd has approved an investment of Rs 12,532.44 crore in January, 2014 for the 1,600 Mw (2×800) super thermal power project to be set up at Darlipalli in Odisha’s Sundargarh district.

The Darlipalli super thermal power project will draw water from the Hirakud reservoir in the Mahanadi river. NTPC has secured coal linkage for this project in the form of Dulanga coal block with mine capacity of seven million tonnes per annum (mtpa) under command area of Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL) and PakriBarwadih block in Bihar’s Hazaribagh district with a mining capacity of 12.5 million tonne per annum (mtpa). Odisha will get 50 per cent power from the Darlipalli project.

For the purpose of establishment of NTPC Super Thermal Power Plant the notification of acquisition of land was published in 2011 under the Land Acquisition Act 1894, The said acquisition of land affected 101 original families (a total of 244 persons including 143 extended family). For the purpose of rehabilitation and resettlement of the aforementioned persons the Darlipali R&R Colony was developed and the affected persons were shifted therein. It is pertinent to mention herein that Odisha Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy 2006 was adhered hereto. Particularly, 139 persons opted for ready to move-in houses and 105 persons opted for land patch within the R&R Colony. The process of shifting began in 2016 and was completed by the end of 2017.


  • Compensation of acquisition of the land along with solarium was paid to the affected persons in 2014 which is 3 years before shifting them to the R& R colony.
  • Thereafter, third party contractors were awarded contracts for initiating developmental activities for the Plant. Eg. Toshiba, BHEL, L&T etc. (Empty land was developed first)
  • The R&R Colony, Darlipali was prepared by 2016 and all the affected persons were shifted therein by the end of 2017.
  • The Thermal Power Plant started its operation in 2018.


  • Peoples’ opinion was taken from person to person basis by the officials of NTPC specially appointed for implementing R&R Policy, 2006 during 2014-15.
  • The space for development of R&R Colony was decided with the public participation at Khiraguda.
  • Free consent of all the affected persons was obtained in the form of a notarized affidavit without any vitiating factor that they have decided their own colony.
  • The master plan for development the R&R Colony was made.
  • After construction og the R&R Colony, it was handed over to the Land Acquisition Officer, Sundargarh which subsequently allotted the houses and plots to the affected persons after approval of RDC.

Table – 47: Land acquired by NTPC, Darlipali in village Raidihi, Area acquired 90.33 Acres

TypeLandStructure and Trees
Total Awarded AmountRs. 13,88,50,320Rs. 26,06,401
Total Disbursed AmountRs. 13,88,50,320Rs. 19,27,625
BalanceNILRs. 6,78,776
Percentage of Payment100%73.95%

Table – 48: Land acquired by NTPC, Darlipali in village Raidihi, Area acquired 15.78 Acres

TypeLandStructure and Trees
Total Awarded AmountRs. 2,10,93,787Rs. 2,13,09,106
Total Disbursed AmountRs. 2,10,93,787Rs. 2,13,08,106
Percentage of Payment100%100%

Table – 49: Land acquired by NTPC, Darlipali in village Darlipali, Area acquired 1184.57 Ac

Total Awarded AmountRs. 1,96,42,78,800Rs. 1,20,61,814Rs. 6,32,68,344
Total Disbursed AmountRs. 1,95,33,24,810Rs. 1,16,96,131Rs. 5,63,88,036
BalanceRs. 1,09,53,990Rs. 3,65,683Rs. 68,80,308
Percentage of Payment99.44%96.96%89.12%

Table – 50: Land acquired by NTPC, Darlipali in village Darlipali, Area acquired 31.88 Ac

Total Awarded AmountRs. 5,17,40,691
Total Disbursed AmountRs. 3,89,42,885
BalanceRs. 68,80,308
Percentage of Payment75.26%

Table – 51: Structure on Government Land in village Darlipali

Total Awarded AmountRs. 3,89,48,291
Total Disbursed AmountRs. 3,66,48,262
BalanceRs. 23,00,029
Percentage of Payment94.09%

Table – 52: Rehabilitation and resettlement benefits

Total Award PassedRs, 28,65,89,800
PaidRs. 28,52,88,600
BalanceRs. 13,01,200
Total no. of displaced persons244
Shifted Persons243 (139 opted for houses & 105 opted for land)


  • The Darlipali R&R Colony is spread over an area of 58.15 acres having concrete fencing in all the sides having one entry point having both conventional and solar electric supply. All the houses are provided electricity and have concrete roads in both sides of their houses with well developed drainage system.
  • As of now the electricity is provided by NTPC but the residents have to pay for the electricity consumption once the R&R Colony is handed over to the Government.
  • There is a government primary school till class 5 and there are two two schools with high secondary education and one college providing senior secondary education in the vicinity.
  • NTPC has provided furniture to all the aforementioned schools and colleges. It also provides a scholarship of Rs. 3000/- to the students to top their class every year. The scholarships are given to the students on 15th August of every year.
  • There is a primary health center in the R&R Colony which is not yet operational and is scheduled to be handed over to the government in April 2020.
  • There is a shopping complex made in the campus of the R&R Colony having 14 shops which are provide to the inhabitants without any cost. Out of 14 shops only 2 shops are in operation selling grocery items. Hence, the rest of the shops are to he handed over to the Sub-Collector, Sundargarh to do further allotment.
  • There is a Veterinary Hospital to look after the health conditions of the animals in the surrounds which is not is operation and is scheduled to be handed over to the government in April 2020.
  • There is a Tribal Centre built within the campus of the R&R Colony which is to be handed over to the Odisha Livelihood Mission in April 2020.
  • It has Water Tank System having capacity to hold 50 lakhs litres of water ensuring 24/7 water supply to the residents and there is one Water ATM providing 24/7 drinking water.
  • Mobile Van Health Chech-Up facility is provided on daily basis.
  • Apart from the above there are 2 Community Centers for conducting community activities and there are 2 Cremation Sheds.
  • Further, an amount of Rs. 15 crores have been deposited with the District Collector for the future maintenance of the R&R Colony at Darlipali.


  • Instead of job, one-time cash was given. (category wise payment of cash is fixed as per RR Policy 2006)
  • The third party contractors are asked to give preference to the locals on contractual basis.
  • 101 domestic daily use household items were provided which was not provided in the R&R Policy 2006 such as bucket, mug, bed sheets, kitchen items, utensils etc.